In today’s post we are going to talk about the advantages of shared offices. But first of all, we are going to explain you the different ways to be part of Synergia Coworking.

In the main room of Synergia Business Center you will find a large number of locations for you and your friends to work. It is the largest room as this is where the different coworkers are located to work together and create synergies.

Well, you will have as many chairs as there are people in the company. Ideally, you should work with coworkers who are as closely related as possible to your sector. Remember that Synergia Coworking is specialized in the tourism sector, new technologies and creative companies.

The difference between this great space and other shared offices in Malaga lies in the creation of the aforementioned synergy. A synergy occurs when two or more companies merge their business identities, thus creating possible strategies that are beneficial to both, whether it is new business or collaboration on projects.

despachos compartidos

But at Synergia Coworking we also have shared offices, so that two companies can work together, sharing a quieter space, that is to say, sharing a more intimate space. These spaces are isolated from the center, with separating glass and different types of furniture.

If you prefer to work with fewer people around you, we recommend shared offices, as you benefit in terms of comfort and price. The companies that occupy these offices will save by sharing costs between them.

Finally, if you need a space for yourself, we also have private offices, with all the luxury of details and with an avant-garde design.

At Synergia Coworking we offer the following services:

  • 100Mb symmetrical fiber optic internet connection
  • Wi-Fi throughout the premises
  • Physical address and fiscal address
  • Mail reception and distribution
  • Reception of visitors
  • Hot and cold air-conditioning
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the facilities
  • Security system: alarm and CCTV
  • Individual lockers

In addition, we can add any other service you may require, such as

  • Access outside opening hours
  • Private parking spaces
  • Photocopier / printer
  • Tax and accounting consultancy
  • Labor consultancy
  • Computer maintenance service
  • Reception of telephone calls
  • Own telephone line

We are at your disposal. Don’t forget that you can request a guided tour of our facilities – you’ll love them! For more information, please contact us at or call us on 952 066 654.