Working as a freelancer or independent worker you may have many doubts about how much will I get paid? How can I find clients? Will it allow me to make a living? Where and in what environment will I work?

Although most people initially choose to work from home, after several months or years, many feel “isolation”, “lack of contacts” or exhaustion for not being able to separate their personal and professional lives.

coworkers brainstorming

The advantages of sharing a Coworking space are many:

  • Coworking means “Co-working” and is a new way of working by exchanging space and knowledge. Co-operate so that everyone wins.
  • A “Coworking Space” can be a simple workstation, or it can become a networking space with freelancers or other entrepreneurs in a dynamic and professional environment.
  • Breaking the isolation in the case of working from home as being with other workers like you and being able to share allows you to talk about the challenges and problems of everyday life.
  • Creating new contacts and synergies can bring more clients as your fellow coworkers will certainly recommend your services before other professionals.
  • For your clients it will seem more professional if you work in a professional coworking space than if you meet them in your living room or kitchen at home.

How to choose a coworking space?

The first thing you have to define is what you are looking for in a coworking space: Peace of mind? Location? Office? Contacts? Creativity? Events? Courses? Quality of premises? Make a list of the 5 or 6 points that are most important for your business and then start looking.

Don’t hesitate, get out there and get your business off the ground!